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Links for Speeding up the Android Emulator & Eclipse

Eclipse Tweaks here Emulator Speed up tips here (additional emulator startup parameters -qemu -m 512 -enable-kvm (in the launch parameters dialog RunConfig->appname->Target Tab->emulator launch params (scroll into view!)) add the GPU emulator paramter and switch it on

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Shrinking Virtualbox VDI files

All the info here is from here¬†and here 1)Defrag the drive within windows. Using something like¬†Defraggler 2)Zero the free space using SDelete¬†command line is¬†¬†sdelete ‚Äďz C:\ 3)Compress using VBox tools¬†VBoxManage modifyhd ‚Äďcompact nameofimage.vdi

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XBMC Raspberry Pi

Following a less than¬†successful experience of using an Android based TV box, the Pi got re-deployed to act as an XBMC device. Rough notes, proper post later, various flavours of player for the Pi. I chose to use For … Continue reading

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