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Links for Speeding up the Android Emulator & Eclipse

Eclipse Tweaks here Emulator Speed up tips here (additional emulator startup parameters -qemu -m 512 -enable-kvm (in the launch parameters dialog RunConfig->appname->Target Tab->emulator launch params (scroll into view!)) add the GPU emulator paramter and switch it on

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Shrinking Virtualbox VDI files

All the info here is from here and here 1)Defrag the drive within windows. Using something like Defraggler 2)Zero the free space using SDelete command line is  sdelete –z C:\ 3)Compress using VBox tools VBoxManage modifyhd –compact nameofimage.vdi

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XBMC Raspberry Pi

Following a less than successful experience of using an Android based TV box, the Pi got re-deployed to act as an XBMC device. Rough notes, proper post later, various flavours of player for the Pi. I chose to use For … Continue reading

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