Effect of Resistor in Parallel with Pot

Following on from the post on the capacitor bleed circuit, a comparison in the behaviour of the pot with and without the resistor bypass.

The diagram below shows the voltage out from a potentiometer as it is turned..and the effect of a resistor in parallel with one end of the pot and the wiper.

For example at half rotation, rather than the output being at 50% its around 64%.

And a reminder, these are showing comparisons against a linear taper pot.

If you want to know more about modelling pots and changing the taper see http://qucs.sourceforge.net/docs/report/potentiometer.pdf and an example of qucs with modelling a potentiometer here. For more general “how to use sweep parameters see https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@thinkingmind/qucs-circuit-simulator-or-how-to-use-parameter-sweep-in-simulation

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